Fava & Tomato in Avocado Sauce 

Fava & Tomato in Avocado Sauce
Mince half a tomato; slice the other half.
Mix one small ripe avocado with minced tomato and some cilantro 

Add chicken broth (or vegetable stock, or water if you are really desperate) , bit by bit to dilute the “dip” into a semi-liquid sauce. Each time add just a quarter teaspoon. 
Then add paprika and salt to your taste.
Steam fava—about 2 minutes only. DO not overcook until grey! 
Surround fava with tomato slices to protect the precious exotic bean!!
Pour avocado sauce onto fava to show how much we appreciate you coming in this unpredictable cold spring! 
Kale, avocado and paprika will all help you fend off flu. If you are staying home, you can also add minced garlic to the sauce. 


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