Golden Ear (Orange Cloud) Mushroom with Fava Bean

Golden Ear (Orange Cloud) Mushroom with Fava
What a pretty golden cloud, oh sorry, mushroom! 

A dense mushroom, it’s chewy and almost like sticky rice.

Don’t be intimidated by the price, $6 is enough to create a dish. 

Slice the mushroom

Boil fava in water until 80% done

Sautée garlic in oil on medium heat;

Add mushroom and sautée for about 1 minute

Add Fava and sautée for another 1 minute

Add salt before serving


Fiddle Head (Fern) with Bell Pepper

Fiddle Head (Fern) with Bell Pepper
Do you want to dine with dinosaurs?

Today is the day!
“Fiddle head” is fern leaves in baby stage before it opening up. 
Sautée small amount of sausage until most fat comes out.

Add smashed garlic.

Add fiddle head and stir fry at medium high for 1 minute only (fiddle head takes no time cook),

Add sliced shitaki mushroom (or any mushroom);

Stir fry for 1 minute more, add a bit more fat if needed cause mushroom needs more fat to cook;

Add sliced bell pepper and stir fry for 1 minute

Add minimum salt or soy sauce (sausage already has lots of salt)
Turn off the heat and serve
Fiddle head is crunchy and fresh like no other vegetables—but I don’t describe in details cause #dinosaurs should be adventurous!

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