Rice Vermicelli in Hedgehog Mushroom Juice

Rice Vermicelli in Hedgehog Mushroom Juice
This vegan dish can convert any carnivore.
Hedgehog mushroom has lots of water so after I make stir fry with it, there is quite some spoonful of juice left.
Drain more juice from the stir fried dish—just use a regular spoon to press it, then spoon out the juice.
Bring juice to simmer,

Add thin rice vermicelli

Use chopstick to cook (way better than any other utensils in this case)

Keep adding minimum water—or better, broth made from hedgehog mushroom
It takes only about 2 minutes for vermicelli to be cooked. Make sure the liquid is just enough to be full absorbed by the vermicelli. 

Keep it a la dente (very slightly crunchy) 

Add minimum salt

Sprinkle with chopped green onion (also called “spring onion” in Chinese)

Serve immediately!
Hedgehog mushroom is not widely available and can be pricy. Secret: regular white mushroom can do too! Or any fresh mushroom that naturally have lots of juice. 
Sautée any juicy mushroom with oil and garlic until enough juice comes out. 
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White Eggplant with Miso

White #eggplant has a denser flavor and more chewy than purple eggplant.

Cut 1.5-2 lbs of white Eggplant into small pieces about 4 inches long.

Mix red #Miso with a bit of sugar, add a bit water to dilute it.

Mince fresh garlic

Heat up a tea spoon of oil to medium heat

Sautée the garlic, then add the eggplant pieces, turn Eggplant pieces constantly to avoid burning cause it’s a starchy vegetable.

When eggplant is about  90% done, add Miso sauce slowly, keep turning the pieces.

Add green onion before serving.
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Asparagus and Kale salad 

Cut asparagus into thin pieces

Chop Kale into large pieces

Broil asparagus for 1 minute

Add Kale leaves to top and broil for 1 minute more

Use this two minutes to cut ricotta cheese and cherry tomato

Take kale and asparagus out

Add pieces of cheese (Italian ones are better), add chopped cherry tomato

A drizzle of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil 

This salad can be served warm or cold.

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Broiled Asparagus 

Broiled Asparagus
This dish takes exactly 5 minutes only!
Cut asparagus into large pieces

Broil it in toaster oven (heat coming down from above) for 2 minutes only 
Chop paisley into small pieces

Mix balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil (I also added a bit of walnut oil)

Mix into asparagus
Add almond slice
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English Pea, Sausage and Mushroom

English Pea, Sausage and Mushroom
The pea has to be peeled from pods, right before cooking. Pea looses freshness too quickly and its beautiful flavor and colors deserve your time and respect. 
Peeling peas from pod is also a great way to unwind. That five minutes of time is not “wasted” as a meditation.
Slice one quality sausage; Sautee the slices on medium then lower heat until most fat comes out and slices curl up;
Add Fresh peas (again peeled from pods),

Sautée for anywhere 1-3 minutes, depending on the size and firmness of the pea, until about 70% done.
Add slices mushroom (any mushroom will do), sautée for another 1-2 minutes.
Add a sprinkle of salt if needed (most sausages are loaded with salt)
*sausage, then Pea, at last mushroom, the order is important.*

Asparagus, Coconut and Bean Sprouts 

Cut asparagus at diagnal, leaving the bottom pieces shorter and the tips pieces slightly longer

Heat up 1 tea spoon of any vegetable oil 

Add asparagus and quickly stir fry for 1 minutes

Add raw coconut pieces and quickly stir fry for 30 seconds

Add bean sprouts for another 30-60 seconds

Add small amount of seasalt (to cure coconut’s homesickness of the ocean) and soy sauce (to cure bean sprouts’ homesickness of Asia)

Turn off heat the heat, now add small amount of rice vinegar 

The flavor is unexpected and complex: Natural sweetness of coconut and fresh-bitterness from asparagus, at last the subtle mild crunchy bean sprouts. 

Fava Bean and Sausage 

Sausage and Fava Bean 

Cut 1 sausage into thin slices (buy quality sausage cause you need just one or two for the whole family)

Bake it in toaster oven (so you and the pan can cook another dish) at 175F for about 10 minutes until most fat is cooked out
Steam fava bean for about 3 minutes until 80% done
Heat the pan to medium-high

Add sausage and fat to the pan

Add fava and stir fry for 1 minute

Add a bit of soy sauce before serving