Mung Bean & Aloe Vera Soup

A classic summer dish or beverage. 

Mung bean replenish minerals lost from excessive sweat. Aloe Vera is good for skin (sun-burn!)

A handful of mung beans. Fresh aloe Vera from garden.

A cube of crystal sugar. I used black sugar (for better nutrition).

Add mung bean to a pot of cold water.
Bring to boil. Let boil for 2 minutes and reduce heat to simmer.

Fresh aloe Vera from garden, peel the green skin. Slowly, cause the spikes is shark and aloe jelly is slippery so you can cut yourself in two ways!

Let mung bean boil until all beans open. 

Add aloe Vera and the sugar cube only at last 2 minutes. 

Drink it warm, room temperature or chilled.

It’s bitter-sweet with a refreshing “green” botanical scent. 


Golden Ear (Orange Cloud) Mushroom with Fava Bean

Golden Ear (Orange Cloud) Mushroom with Fava
What a pretty golden cloud, oh sorry, mushroom! 

A dense mushroom, it’s chewy and almost like sticky rice.

Don’t be intimidated by the price, $6 is enough to create a dish. 

Slice the mushroom

Boil fava in water until 80% done

Sautée garlic in oil on medium heat;

Add mushroom and sautée for about 1 minute

Add Fava and sautée for another 1 minute

Add salt before serving

Fiddle Head (Fern) with Bell Pepper

Fiddle Head (Fern) with Bell Pepper
Do you want to dine with dinosaurs?

Today is the day!
“Fiddle head” is fern leaves in baby stage before it opening up. 
Sautée small amount of sausage until most fat comes out.

Add smashed garlic.

Add fiddle head and stir fry at medium high for 1 minute only (fiddle head takes no time cook),

Add sliced shitaki mushroom (or any mushroom);

Stir fry for 1 minute more, add a bit more fat if needed cause mushroom needs more fat to cook;

Add sliced bell pepper and stir fry for 1 minute

Add minimum salt or soy sauce (sausage already has lots of salt)
Turn off the heat and serve
Fiddle head is crunchy and fresh like no other vegetables—but I don’t describe in details cause #dinosaurs should be adventurous!

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Fresh Cranberry Bean Stew

Fresh Cranberry Bean Stew
Chicken bone broth (make your own, easy as a breeze, freeze in small containers)

Don’t buy packaged ones. They are often expensive and still loaded with chemicals. Even the expensive “organic” ones or store-made ones, is never as good as your own).
1-2 lbs of Fresh cranberry beans (fresh is the key)


Sautée 2 cloves of garlic and fresh cranberry bean in butter (olive oil will do too) for one minute until very slightly done
Add chicken broth

Bring chicken broth to boil

Add the beans, let it boil for 1 minute and then simmer for 6-8 minutes.

Add a bit of seasalt before serving.

Garnish with green onion and goji Berry. 

(Grow your own green onion is so easy!)

Just done but lightly crunchy–al dente 
You’ll be amazed of its simple but rich flavors!

Fava with Chicken Drumstick

Fava with Chicken Drumstick
2lbs of Fava beans (shelled but no need to peel)

Smash ginger and garlic

Sautée in 1 teaspoon of avocado oil 

Slit the chicken drumstick on both sides to break the skin

Add 1-2 chicken drumstick and sautée for 1 minute

Add 2 cups of water, just enough to cover the drumsticks

Bring to boil and reduce to low-medium heat and let it simmer for anywhere 20–30 minutes 

(Now you can unshell the fava beans. Make sure to take off its “eyebrow” which is slightly bitter)
Now the chicken broth should be milky

Add Fava beans

Make sure the liquid is about 0.5 inch over the fava beans

Simmer for about 10 minutes on low heat

Add minimum soy sauce right before serving
The flavor of ginger, garlic, fava, chicken meat and chicken bone will blend seamlessly.
Not greasy yet very satisfying

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Fresh Spinach Noodle from Scratch 

Fresh Spinach Noodle
Fresh spinach noodle for mom’s birthday. 

Birthday calls for special noodle from scratch. 
This is a culinary story of how love conquers fear:

More than ten years ago in China I had this noodle but never had it again. It was a small restaurant making nothing but this noodle. I absolutely loved it so much and alway want to reproduce it but somehow I was intimidated, because making noodle from scratch was not something familiar with. Mom the talented home-chef never did it. None of my friends ever made it. Yes, I was afraid to screw up. Unlike forgiving soup or stir-fry or stew, making noodle can be messy and ending up with an inedible lump of waste.

Weigh your flour, do not go by measuring spoon.
1lb of regular flour (while wheat is ok too)

0.5-1lb of Spinach leaves (must be fresh and good quality)

Boil minimum water, add a bit of salt and oil (thus Spinach retains its beautiful color)

Add Spinach into the pot, quickly parboil for only 10-30 seconds, using utensils (chopsticks or tongs) to make sure each piece is cooked. 

Drain spinach (save the Spinach-water)

Use blender to blend the Spinach

Get a big bowl;

Mix Spinach blend into flour;

Add an egg;

Add little bit of salt;

If too wet or soft, add more flour—but in smallest amount each time, until the dough becomes unsticky

(Let the solid dough sit for 5-15 minuets in room temperature if you have time. Otherwise, skip the “sitting”.)


Sprinkle corn starch generously onto a BIG cutting board;

Put the dough onto cutting board and roll it into a sheet with a rolling pin 

Don’t aim for perfection. Thick and uneven noodle is just as tasty—with more personality! 👍

Cut with a chef’s knife into noodles—or stripes, or ropes, or pieces, or whatever smaller shape you can manage. (“Baby, I love you in all shapes and forms.” )

Sprinkle more corn starch if too sticky.


Bring half pot of water to rapidly boiling. Add a bit of salt to the water.
Alert 1: put the noodle/pieces into the pot only in small patches (to avoid sticking together but also to make it appear more precious—have you ever observed those snobbish restaurants in America, most imposters of “French cuisine”?)
Alert 2: don’t go away now! Stand right there with your noodle, at its last stretch of this 10-year struggle!! Fresh noodle takes much less time than regular dried noodles—oh Yes! They are very sensitive to heat! 

Merely 1 minute is enough if your noodle is made from scratch minutes ago. 

Get them out quickly with chopsticks or tongs.
Find a pretty porcelain bowl. 

Serve without sauce is just as good.

With little bit of sauce:

Soy sauce, rice vinegar, chili oil.

You can also add some boiling water to the noodle as a soup-noodle.

Eat immediately or the noodle may stick together. Freshness is the key for this dish. 

After this bowl, you’d realize you’ve never had “real noodle” or “real spinach” until today. 

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Mustard Green and Beets

Mustard Green and Beets 
Mustard green is slightly bitter and beets are sweet.
Cut mustard green into pieces

For beets, if raw, peel and cut into thin slices. Today I use organic beets, peeled and cooked already to save time. Cut it into cubes.
Heat up a drizzle of avocado oil

Add smashed garlic.

If beet pieces are raw, add beets first and stir fry on medium heat for 1-2 minutes.
If beets are cooked, add mustard green first and stir fry at medium-high heat for 1 minute and it should be almost done.

Then add cooked beet cubes.
Add minimum Himalaya pink salt. 
Serve immediately. 
From bitter green and sweet beets, we get life’s best flavor: bitter-sweet. Out of this bitter-sweet, blooms beautiful flowers.