Pineapple Rice

Step 1: First pat the pineapple head gently and say “thank you Pineapple for coming this far! I am grateful to have a pineapple in winter. Thank you for the growers, truck drivers and store workers. Thank you for my parents,  boss, foundation, client, myself and whoever else provides the fund to finiance this pineapple!”

Do this with feelings. It will show in the final product. 
Step 2: start to boil water on a steamer. (If yours not deep enough, get a deeper one. Very high return investment. 

Whole Pineapple, preferably ripe. Cut the cap off carefully–save for later.  Carved out the inside carefully—be extra careful near the bottom! Save the inside of pine apple and juice.

Cooked rice (a great way to revive overnight leftover rice)

1 egg, mix it into rice. (You can make scrambled egg first but mix it into rice saves time and one less pan to wash!)

Ham/firm tofu jerky/shrimp, mushroom, bell pepper, yam, any other vegetable. All cut into small cubes

Mix all these well. No need for salt or seasoning cause but can add tiny bit of salt.

Fill the mix into the “pineapple bucket”.

Add some small pieces of pineapple.

At last add some pineapppe juice.

Step 3: put the whole pineapple with its original cap into steamer

Steam at high heat for 8-10 minutes

Turn off heat and let it sit on stove for 1 minute.

**Sweet with tropical scent. Steamy hot. Golden color. Filling yet not greasy. It will warm your up inside out.The pineapple scent mixed with white steam from a pineapple house is just a fairy tale. **