Black Rice, Beet, Red Bean and Chestnut Strew

Nothing beats a hearty stew in prolonged winter rain. The process is soothing and you can make extra for next day and for friends. 

2 handful of black rice. Soak it in warm water for at least 2 hours. Overnight even will grown substantially. 

Red kidney bean

Chunks of red beets

Chestnut (for magical texture and natural sweetness)

Add black rice to a small pot of water (depending on how much liquid you want the dish to have.) 

Bring to boil, and boil for at least 15 minutes before adding red kidney beans. 

Boil at medium-low heat for another 1 hour (or longer cause each patch of rice and beans are somewhat different.) 

Add chestnut 10 minutes before serving. 

Deep rich black-red is very appealing. 

For extra flavor, add a small drizzle of olive oil before serving but not necessary.


Eggplant & Carrots Salad

Super quick recipe to deal with a difficult vegetable: eggplant!

Cut 2-3 eggplants into stripes

Steam eggplants for 1-2 minutes. Cooked but not mushy. 

Cut 2 medium carrot with a peeler so it’s thin and curly in a pretty way.

Sauce: mix all ingredients in a small bowl before pouring into the salad. 1 portion of soy sauce, 1 portion of black rice vinegar, sesame oil or extra virgin olive oil. Finely minced fresh garlic. 

Tiny bit of Chili oil (optional) for spicy punches. 

Pour the sauce into #eggplant and #carrots. #salad #vegan #vegetarian 

Vegan Soup at Chinese New Year’s EveĀ 

I made two versions of this vegan soup.
One naturally sweet from leek, yam and bit extra help from Humboldt’s plum jam, home made by a good friend. 

Another is sweet and spicy. The chili spice is hand picked and processed by Mom from Sichuan, China.
If the sweet version is friendship, the spicy version is—“oh the passion”.
If the sweet version is delight or happiness, the spicy version is euphoria after pain.
To describe taste of food is more in vain than to describe music. I only wish you were here.  
Recently I start to understand why alchemists work at late night; a sous-chef working at 3-star Michelin restaurant told me the chef/owner/artist came in 6am everyday before everyone else and cook alone in the kitchen for several hours. “That’s his time of creation. Rest of the day is management.”
Red is the color for Rooster. 
Happy Chinese New Year!

Simplest Recipe: stir fry Jikama

Jikama is common in Asia and South America. A crunchy,  refreshing and naturally sweet root vegetable.

It can be consumed raw like a fruit but stir fry brings out more complex flavor!

One of few vegetables who can do a solo without a partner!

Peel and cut jikama into thin slices. Must be thin enough. 

Minimum vegetable oil.

Medium heat. Stir fry for 1-2 minutes only.

Late Night Noodle

Light, comforting, easy to digest, low calories.

1.boil kale in beef bone broth (or vegetable stock)

2. Scoop up kale, add noodles. Boil for anywhere 2-3 minutes until done. Scoop up the noodle (chopsticks will be most convenient tool right now)

3. Add extra firm tofu pieces.

4. Pour tofu and broth over noodle and kale. Add minimum soy sauce or salt, if at all.

Find a comfortable chair. Eat, drink the broth (full of flavor and nutrition from all ingredient).

Brush teeth. 


Egg, Daikon, Bell Pepper and Lettuc

#Egg, #Daikon, #Bell #Pepper and #Lettuce #Stir-fry 

Chop daikon, bell pepper and lettuce into thin slices (yes will take a while and focus thus it’s good meditation.)
Beat up 3-4 eggs. Whisk some more for fluffy texture. 
Heat up any vegetable oil (1 tea spoon) at medium,pour the egg liquid in.

Add a bit of salt to the egg liquid. 

Scrabble into small pieces.

Scoop up the egg pieces from the pan. 
Add one teaspoon of oil to the pan,

Stir fry daikon for 1-2 minutes, then add pepper for 1 minute.

Egg pieces back to pan.

Stir fry all three.

Turn off heat.

Add lettuce pieces and quickly stir fry.

Add a bit of soy sauce. 
Quick, nutritious, protein, fiber and beautiful colors!