Sweet Tooth Mushroom & Snap Pea

Tear mushroom into pieces by hand

Rice bran oil, medium heat.

Sauté smashed garlic.

Sautée the mushroom (any mushroom will do), until 70% done

Add snap pea and sautee for 1-2 minutes.

Add minimum soy sauce.


Matsutake Mushroom Soup

Matsutake Mushroom Soup
Mstsutake (松茸)is a hugely celebrated jewel from the forest in Japan & China. Try it at least once while you live on this planet. 
Complex aroma like nothing else…
Yes expensive ($20/lb) but you need just a few! Or even one. Thus total bill will be no more than $10. 
1. Wash with minimum water (to avoid diluting its flavor and scent). Scrap the dirt with a small knife. Cut into very thin slices right before cooking, so save the cutting to very last minute. 
Handling matsutake is like jeweler artist handling a gem. Pure pleasure. 😇
2. Sauté whole green onion in minimum oil.
3. Cut carrots and giant daikon. (These duo bring out the best of each other)
4. Add water and boil. Add a few raw peanuts (optional). Simmer for 30-60 minutes.  

Take out green onion pieces after 20 minutes. 
Note I skipped ginger and garlic for this soup? cause we want matsutake to shine. 
5. Bring to boil rapidly again. Cut matsutake into thin slices. Add to boiling soup and cook for only 1 minute.
The aroma will come out. Inhale.
6. Add minimum salt, or not.

Serve immediately.
Happy Fall!

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Kitchen Witchcraft 15: Politically
I cook politically

I eat like poetry

Garnished with a drizzle of comedy

I drink fluidly as if I am also water
Life is too short to eat bad food

Especially bad dessert

Life is too short

thus eat slowly

Smell, lick, chew, 

let food and you give to each other, never less than 100%

Taste every flavor and texture

Taste everything with friends and strangers

Strangers are just friends to be
Life is too short to eat bad food

Let the world enter you

Feed yourself kindly, with gentle care and creative flare

Feed yourself sensibly, with balanced discipline

Like a great dancer

Effortlessness comes from many painstaking practices in loneliness 
Life is too short

So slow down in eating

Let the world enter you

When you cook and eat well

You are making love with soil, water and wind

Inauguration Banquet 

Appetizer1. Marine French cheese

2. Californian nuts

3. Grapes



Organic thyme and jasmin. Herb can be as fragrant as flowers!



1. Root vegetable soup

2. Organic chicken drum stick, cooked in 10 spices, leek, garlic, ginger and beef bone broth

3. Tri-color: Stir fry: Kale, needle mushroom and beats

4. Humboldt grass fed lamb liver with Fuji apple, cooked in spices

5. Baked salmon with Brussels sprouts and mushroom

6. Zucchini and lotus root salad, Sichuan style

7. Steamed Japanese eggplant and orange yam, in complicated spicy sauce (too complicated to list here)

8. Bean stew: 2 beans, yellow corn, chestnut, red onion and leek

9. Salad: organic salad mix, apple, roasted almond. Dressing: Japanese rice vinegar, rice bran oil, Moroccan argan oil (nut) , herbamare salt from Switzerland


Local Mexican chocolate (forget about Belgium chocolate—most of them are not good.) 

Yoga and Eggplant Recipe 

Been pondering how to cook eggplant. I know to Sichuan recipes but wanted to reproduce the one I enjoyed in Japan. It also uses a different breed of eggplant.
Found a wonderful recipe at a very unlikely place: Yoga magazine.
It all started with crazy idea of taking 2 classes back to back, total of 2.5 hours. I knew I was nuts so I ducked my head around the studio when I switched classrooms so

nobody would notice…after 2.5 hours I didn’t feel tired but precaution told me that’s when it’s most dangerous to overstrain oneself. “I better sit down for a minute.” So for the first time I sat at the lounge. Yoga magazine at the coffee table. There! A perfect eggplant recipe from Japan! 😘😘
So lucky cause 1. I rarely read magazines now. 

2. 4 guests are coming tomorrow. 3. I have eggplants!

King’s Salad

Created in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Green salad, any type. I mixed about 8 types of leaves; EVERY one is pretty and tasty. 

Shitaki mushroom (cooked):black

Lima bean cooked together with shitaki: white 

Hard boiled egg: yellow and white

Toasted almond: dark brown

Walnut: light brown

Pink lady apple and Pacific Rose apple: pink and red

(Hope we have all colors covered by now?)

White, black, yellow, brown, red—who tie them together? Green, which symbolizes love of  nature and love of life. 

Dressing: plum jam from Humboldt, California, extra virgin olive oil, bosalmic vinegar, add a bit vegetable broth to dilute. 

Why plum jam? Plum is the one of the rare fruit that tastes equally sweet wild or domesticated. By using it I mean to convey that 1. we are all both “free” on this land and 2. We are all “naturalized” citizens here. 

Why “King’s” Salad? Of course for Dr. King, but also for anyone and everyone, who has both the rights and responsibility to be the King of one’s own life, a life of courage, sovereignty and dignity.