Rice Vermicelli in Hedgehog Mushroom Juice

Rice Vermicelli in Hedgehog Mushroom Juice
This vegan dish can convert any carnivore.
Hedgehog mushroom has lots of water so after I make stir fry with it, there is quite some spoonful of juice left.
Drain more juice from the stir fried dish—just use a regular spoon to press it, then spoon out the juice.
Bring juice to simmer,

Add thin rice vermicelli

Use chopstick to cook (way better than any other utensils in this case)

Keep adding minimum water—or better, broth made from hedgehog mushroom
It takes only about 2 minutes for vermicelli to be cooked. Make sure the liquid is just enough to be full absorbed by the vermicelli. 

Keep it a la dente (very slightly crunchy) 

Add minimum salt

Sprinkle with chopped green onion (also called “spring onion” in Chinese)

Serve immediately!
Hedgehog mushroom is not widely available and can be pricy. Secret: regular white mushroom can do too! Or any fresh mushroom that naturally have lots of juice. 
Sautée any juicy mushroom with oil and garlic until enough juice comes out. 
#mushroom #vermicelli #vegan #noodle #ricenoodle 


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