First Fava Bean of the Year

First Fava of the Year
One of my favorite vegetables yet to be discovered by American mainstream cooking. 

Great source of protein, vitamins, fiber and even folic acid. Great flavor—hearty yet fresh! One of the earliest harvest from your garden, from purple flowers. (In my childhood I secretly named this bush “Purple Butterfly”. Please don’t tell othersz)
Fresh fava (not canned or dried)

Bacon (use mushroom stock for vegetarian option)

Blanch fava beans in minimum boiling water with a bit of salt (to prevent nutrition from leaking into water)

High heat, until 80% done (about 1-2 minutes) 

Drain the fava beans
In a pan, Sautéed bacon pieces until brown and all fat out;

Mince garlic (fresh, not pre-peeled, please), sautéed garlic in bacon fat, medium heat for 30 seconds
Add fava to the pan

Quickly stir fry for 2 minutes until all done. (Fava must be cooked. Should not eat it raw.)
Add a drizzle of soy sauce or a bit salt right before serving.
The first fresh fava dish is always anticipated by everyone in my home town, for it is the announcement that “spring harvest has started, once again.”
Thank you, Earth. 

#bean #fava #spring #harvest #bacon 


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