Simplest Stir Fry

Chinese mustard green (or any hardy green), 1-2 lbs.

Cut into pieces. Cut the harder stems into smaller pieces cause it’s harder to cook.

Smash and mince 3-6 cloves of fresh garlic.

Heat up 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil (not olive oil). Today I used coconut oil.

Sizzle the minced garlic for 30 seconds until you can smell it.

Add the chopped greens. It will look like a lot—don’t hesitate. It will shrink under heated oil like magic.🤓

Stir fry, quickly. For 1-2 minutes when it’s just done. Don’t over cook.

Be amazed of its simple, fresh and distinctive flavor from spring greens. 

Tips: greens and garlic both should be fresh.

Be divisive with your stirfry. Vegetable, like computers, can smell insecurity and take advantage of the weak ones.😎🤡🔥


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