Vegan Soup at Chinese New Year’s Eve 

I made two versions of this vegan soup.
One naturally sweet from leek, yam and bit extra help from Humboldt’s plum jam, home made by a good friend. 

Another is sweet and spicy. The chili spice is hand picked and processed by Mom from Sichuan, China.
If the sweet version is friendship, the spicy version is—“oh the passion”.
If the sweet version is delight or happiness, the spicy version is euphoria after pain.
To describe taste of food is more in vain than to describe music. I only wish you were here.  
Recently I start to understand why alchemists work at late night; a sous-chef working at 3-star Michelin restaurant told me the chef/owner/artist came in 6am everyday before everyone else and cook alone in the kitchen for several hours. “That’s his time of creation. Rest of the day is management.”
Red is the color for Rooster. 
Happy Chinese New Year!


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