Egg, Daikon, Bell Pepper and Lettuc

#Egg, #Daikon, #Bell #Pepper and #Lettuce #Stir-fry 

Chop daikon, bell pepper and lettuce into thin slices (yes will take a while and focus thus it’s good meditation.)
Beat up 3-4 eggs. Whisk some more for fluffy texture. 
Heat up any vegetable oil (1 tea spoon) at medium,pour the egg liquid in.

Add a bit of salt to the egg liquid. 

Scrabble into small pieces.

Scoop up the egg pieces from the pan. 
Add one teaspoon of oil to the pan,

Stir fry daikon for 1-2 minutes, then add pepper for 1 minute.

Egg pieces back to pan.

Stir fry all three.

Turn off heat.

Add lettuce pieces and quickly stir fry.

Add a bit of soy sauce. 
Quick, nutritious, protein, fiber and beautiful colors!


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