Inauguration Banquet 

Appetizer1. Marine French cheese

2. Californian nuts

3. Grapes



Organic thyme and jasmin. Herb can be as fragrant as flowers!



1. Root vegetable soup

2. Organic chicken drum stick, cooked in 10 spices, leek, garlic, ginger and beef bone broth

3. Tri-color: Stir fry: Kale, needle mushroom and beats

4. Humboldt grass fed lamb liver with Fuji apple, cooked in spices

5. Baked salmon with Brussels sprouts and mushroom

6. Zucchini and lotus root salad, Sichuan style

7. Steamed Japanese eggplant and orange yam, in complicated spicy sauce (too complicated to list here)

8. Bean stew: 2 beans, yellow corn, chestnut, red onion and leek

9. Salad: organic salad mix, apple, roasted almond. Dressing: Japanese rice vinegar, rice bran oil, Moroccan argan oil (nut) , herbamare salt from Switzerland


Local Mexican chocolate (forget about Belgium chocolate—most of them are not good.) 


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