Yoga and Eggplant Recipe 

Been pondering how to cook eggplant. I know to Sichuan recipes but wanted to reproduce the one I enjoyed in Japan. It also uses a different breed of eggplant.
Found a wonderful recipe at a very unlikely place: Yoga magazine.
It all started with crazy idea of taking 2 classes back to back, total of 2.5 hours. I knew I was nuts so I ducked my head around the studio when I switched classrooms so

nobody would notice…after 2.5 hours I didn’t feel tired but precaution told me that’s when it’s most dangerous to overstrain oneself. “I better sit down for a minute.” So for the first time I sat at the lounge. Yoga magazine at the coffee table. There! A perfect eggplant recipe from Japan! 😘😘
So lucky cause 1. I rarely read magazines now. 

2. 4 guests are coming tomorrow. 3. I have eggplants!


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