King’s Salad

Created in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Green salad, any type. I mixed about 8 types of leaves; EVERY one is pretty and tasty. 

Shitaki mushroom (cooked):black

Lima bean cooked together with shitaki: white 

Hard boiled egg: yellow and white

Toasted almond: dark brown

Walnut: light brown

Pink lady apple and Pacific Rose apple: pink and red

(Hope we have all colors covered by now?)

White, black, yellow, brown, red—who tie them together? Green, which symbolizes love of  nature and love of life. 

Dressing: plum jam from Humboldt, California, extra virgin olive oil, bosalmic vinegar, add a bit vegetable broth to dilute. 

Why plum jam? Plum is the one of the rare fruit that tastes equally sweet wild or domesticated. By using it I mean to convey that 1. we are all both “free” on this land and 2. We are all “naturalized” citizens here. 

Why “King’s” Salad? Of course for Dr. King, but also for anyone and everyone, who has both the rights and responsibility to be the King of one’s own life, a life of courage, sovereignty and dignity. 


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