13th Night Rain-fighting Dinner

Prelude: rose from friend’s garden.

1. Mushroom, cauliflower and duck soup

2. Blue corn, chewy and plain, steamed

3. Bean strew: White kidney bean, pinto bean, sweet yam, apple, with spicy fava bean sauce from Sichuan. Hearty, warm and just a tiny bit of spicy

4. Baked salmon with shitaki mushroom and Brussels sprouts, with ginger and a drizzle of grapeseed oil 

5. Cauliflower salad. Steam cauliflower, al dente. 

Version A: Soy sauce, rice vinegar and garlic, chili oil

Version B (for gluten free): rice vinegar, salt, extra virgin olive oil, black sesame

6. Tri-mushroom stir fry: oyster mushroom, shitaki mushroom, seafood mushroom, Taiwan cabbage (more crunchy and delicate than regular cabbage)

7. Deep color Trio: purple chard, deep green pepper, cooked beats. Stirfry with garlic. Add beets at very end.

8. Chimchy fried with egg and rice

9. Dessert

Home made chocolate cookies with walnut;

Japanese pastry;

Fresh pomelo


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