Salmon Baked over Eggplant

Extremely simple, quick, light and minimum dishes!

Salmon is very fat so frying it does not make sense. Fat in salmon is “good fat” so every drop should go into our belly.

Eggplant is a hard starchy vegetable that often needs added fat in cooking.

Thus comes this extremely simple dish: 

Salmon (with bone even better)

Egg plant (any variety), cut into small slices

Heat up oven to 350F

Add parchment paper to baking pan; layer eggplant at bottom
Add salmon to top. Salmon fat will be baked out and soak into the eggplant, thus no need to add any cooking oil. 

Add a bit of ginger.

Bake for anywhere 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of salmon. Don’t over bake.

Add a bit of soy sauce or salt to taste.


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