Kimchee & Egg stir fried Quinoa

Kimchee & Egg stir fried Quinoa 
As a food critique, I give this recipe 10 stars!

Tasty, quick, vegetarian, high protein, high fiber, rich in all nutritions and pro-bio (from kimchee). It scores high in every category!

Both hearty, warm and unexpected. 
Cooked quinoa, half a cup

Kimchee (buy a big jar cause this is a food you can have everyday), 1 cup

2-3 eggs

Finely chopped green onion, just a little

3 leaves of lettuce, finely chopped
Cook quinoa as instructed, slightly on the drier side
Beat 2-3 eggs well

Heat up oil at medium heat

Add Finely chopped green onion (optional), stir for 10 seconds only

Add eggs, let it cook slowly to form a thin layer

Break eggs into small pieces

Add cooked quinoa and stir fry for 30 seconds;

Add kimchee (drain liquid) and stir fry for 1 minute.

Turn off heat.

Add finely chopped lettuce, for color, crunch and nutrition
Serves 2-3

#quinoa #kimchee #egg #vegetarian #korean #californiacuisine #spicy 


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