Banana & Coconut Cookies (No sugar)

Ripe bananas

Coconut flakes

Almond mill

Whole wheat flour
Break and beat banana with a spoon (do not use mixer cause it will destroy the texture of banana)

Add same amount of coconut flakes

Add 1/2 volume of almond mill

Add 1/3-1/4 amount of whole wheat or oatmeal (for gluten free)

Add small amount milk or almond milk until you get the right consistency

Bake at 350-375F for 15-20 minutes 
Kitchen Witchcraft 8: Santa’s Cookie
I am baking cookies for Santa this year

I discovered store bought ones were not good enough for him
Loaded with white sugar 

As additive and preserve 

Why is so hard to find food of integrity?
Santa deserves better

Especially after such a hard year

When many need him more than before

Most likely
I tried many varieties

In the end I settled with banana and coconut mixed with almond mill

I want to give that guy something different

Something he never tasted before
Something naturally sweet but not sugar-coated

Something will flavor, but also scent and texture
After all the chimneys

He must be thirsty

So I settled with something moist
After all those deliveries

His jaws must be clenched 

So I settled with something softer
After all those cookies

He must be a bit stuffed

So I settled with something lighter with less fat
After all the giant sizes

He must feel a bit strange 

“Portions used to be much smaller back then”

So I purposely made each cookie small

To remind him of his Mommy
After long flight from North Pole

He must be freezing cold

The tropical—tropical!—flavor of banana and coconut

Will bring him good memories of his honey moon 

Tropical also reminds reindeers of monkey!
I am baking cookies for Santa

I want to give him something different
Not because I want some extra present from him:

Sometimes, a child does something for parent

Not to be their favorite among the clan

But simply sees how exhausted their job can be 

Simply the child wants to give parent something sweet


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